Yusuf Mbuno is Mismanaging Constituency Development Funds (CDF) as MPs Cheer

National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board (NG-CDF) acting CEO Yusuf Mbuno
National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board (NG-CDF) acting CEO Yusuf Mbuno

Yusuf Mbuno, the National Government Constituency Development Funds (NGCDF) acting CEO has been adversely implicated in the embezzlement of funds at the body, which manages over Ksh35 billion annually.

Mbuno has stayed at the helm for over seven years in an acting capacity, contrary o the law which requires appointment of a substantial/gazetted CEO.

Also, the CEO has an amorphous structure comprising of only government representatives without a fully constituted board and without a chairman of the board.

Senior management team of the board is comprised of only seconded staff from the ministries and departments. This team has no interest with the staff of the board since they have their employer who is the mainstream government. The staff on secondment has overstayed contrary to the provisions by the public service.

Kahawa Tungu learns that in order to remain in office, Mbuno has managed to pocket a number of MPs to the tune of Ksh9 million each in the name of CSR projects in their constituencies.

Most of the MPs are members of the National Assembly on CDF committee (NASC) in parliament and cronies of Mbuno. In return, the ‘honourable’ members are rooting for his appointment and subsequent gazetting, which would add him more life at the body.

However, sources within the state body indicate that his plans are facing a backlash as a good number of MPs are opposed to his appointment. Also, junior staffers at the body are opposed to his leadership, which has been marred with corruption and nepotism.

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It is alleged that Mbuno, who has no regard to law, has hired his girlfriends as interns and empowered them to make critical decisions in the company.

Worse still, his driver Daniel Kimutai has been termed as an arrogant man who has taken most roles in the organisation, and a conduit of corruption proceeds. The driver is said to be holding outstanding imprest in millions, that has been used to bribe the media houses to ensure that the rot is not told to the public.

The man is said to be ‘untouchable’ with state watchdogs shunning to implicate or mention him in any corrupt deal.

He is said to have influenced the system to an extend that even the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) can not touch him. When over Ksh40 Million shillings got lost few years back, no one has mentioned about it. Not even media houses who are currently in his pocket.

When the 2016/17 financial year Audit report was released implicating the man of over Ksh300 million lost through Chase bank, the report was just tabled in National Assembly and shelved without being discussed. Not even the General Auditors office has ever posted the report on its website as required by law.

The CDF had been outlawed in 2016 for not being in line with the 2010 constitution. A three-judge bench composed of Justice Isaac Lenaola, David Majanja and Mumbi Ngugi on February 20, 2016 invalidated the CDF Act, but gave law makers 12 months to make the necessary amendments in a bid to align it with the 2010 Constitution. That is when they came up with the amendment of the act, so as to still have access to the funds.

This meant that each constituency would have at least Ksh81 million.

Any court case to clear the rot at the body is frustrated, delayed or ended through corruption.

Below is a list of the MPs who benefited from the body in the name of CSR projects in their constituencies.

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Written by Francis Muli

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