YouTube Updates Terms to Allow Them Run More Ads Without Paying Content creators

YouTube has announced that it will start running adverts that are not part of its partnership scheme on videos. Essentially, this means that some video makers will start running ads on their channels and will not be paid for it.

Currently, the company runs ads and shares revenue with content creators through a 45/55 partnership scheme. YouTube retain 45 percent of the total amount advertisers pay, while creators take home 55 percent.

YouTube now says it will start running ads from channels that are not part of this scheme. Once this is updated on the terms of service, YouTube will not share that revenue with content makers.

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For viewers, this means that there will be more adverts in a single video.

Content creators apply for YouTube’s partnership programme upon clocking 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in a year.

Some users have seen this as a new way for YouTube to earn more revenue, while some believe the company is trying to push more viewers to pay for the ad free premium version.

“YouTube’s already making inordinately large amounts of money,” said Journalist and Author Chris Stokel-Walker.

“It’s another policy change that seems likely to rankle with ordinary creators, who have often felt aggrieved that YouTube capitalises on their content without properly compensating them – or recognising their contribution to the success of the platform.”

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Content creation on YouTube has become popular in Kenya over the last few years. The platform has given rise to stars such as The WaJesus Family who have managed to rake in impressive amounts- going by their lifestyle.

Viewers and content creators in the US have already started seeing extra ads. We are still not sure when the same will be rolled out to Kenya. However, if it a cheaper option for advertisers, then you can be sure there will be more ads and less trickling down to content creators.

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Written by Vanessa Murrey

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