So Women Are Materialistic? It Is ‘Boy-Child’s’ Fault

A scathing war has been launched by ‘boy child’ advocates against ‘feminists’ and at the center of the social media combat is the sentiment that women are materialistic.

While my personal opine is that the boy child-vs- girl child bickering is juvenile and the energy can be channeled into more pertinent courses; the conspicuous elephant in the room is that women in the contemporary society date men for money. Love and character has been relegated to secondary issues and you can be a typical buffoon who looks like my the back of my mtumba shoes but with a greased wallet, man-you can date the creme de’ la creme of the pack.

While it is a worrying trend threatening our moral fabric and a death knell for the institution that is marriage since many get married for the wrong reasons, I would play the devils advocate and tell men it is their fault women are only after their money and here is why.

In our contemporary society, men chase after money in order to chase women,buy alcohol and bet. Then he gets women who love his money, while he thinks love him but who but in turn merely just tolerate him.

One of the great tragedies in the life of a man –read male human beings- is that they are predisposed to ignore their instinct; instead they tend to listen to their fragile and often limp egos situated between their legs. Any man who thinks with his you-know-what deserves whatever comes his way. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when it is appropriate to think with it, but 98% of the time that men use it to think, it’s not always the most apt of time.

Most of the time you deserve the kind of women you end up with and the sentiment is justified by the messages you send from the word go.

A guy will meet a beautiful girl in a club, wearing the shortest latex dress and think she must be an easy catch. Meanwhile, she on the other hand is on the lookout for a dude who will splash out the most money on her for the night. Later, he realizes that he was taken for a ride, but didn’t get the ride he was hoping for.

If you think that by flashing your wallet you will get a great woman, the one you really need, then you have a broken wallet and heart coming. It is a little wonder men have labeled all women as selfish, greedy female dogs (Mama said good girls don’t curse).

Show a woman your brain, not your wallet; your heart, not your credit card. If she can’t accept your brain, then she doesn’t deserve your wallet. That’s the way it should be. If you show her the wallet, then she is in love with it not you. If you get treated like an ATM machine, it’s not her fault, it’s yours for allowing your junior member below the belt to do all your thinking for you.

You have no moral impetus to blame a woman for being interested in your money — not if you’re the one defining yourself by your possessions.

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Sometimes back while at a club in town, I and my company sat at an arm’s length from where two gentlemen were. Both looked somewhere around early thirties but also seemed to have their life together. They kept signaling at women who seemed less interested in them and in exasperation, one of them quipped to his friend,

“You know, picking them up would be so much easier if we were allowed to drive in here in our cars.”

I was flummoxed by what I heard. Obviously, this guy could not count on his charms or charisma. All he could rely on was his money. What defined him was his stuff; Money, Car…

Allow me to quote the obscenely wealthy old white guy George Soros; he is someone who can speak on the subject of money and the importance we place upon it with far greater authority.

“Unsure of what they stand for, people increasingly rely on money as the criterion of value. What is more expensive is considered better … People deserve respect and admiration because they are rich. What used to be a medium of exchange has usurped the place of fundamental values, reversing the relationship postulated by economic theory. What used to be professions have turned into businesses. The cult of success has replaced a belief in principles. Society has lost its anchor.”

We define character by how much we have and the kind of cars we drive, in order to get a certain kind of woman. What’s the point? If you lured a woman with your wallet instead of your personality, if she likes your stuff more than she likes you, she not a … err … female dog, she’s doing what you taught her to do.

A real man will be confident in who he is, not what he has. If he happens to have money, power and everything else, that’s a bonus.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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