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Woman Narrates How Uber Driver Attacked Her

A tweep by the name Soraya has narrated how a Uber driver attacked her, after she requested to go and get cash for him on arrival to her destination.

The woman, who did not reveal most details of the ordeal said that the driver, who seemengly was up to some evil called her a prostitute after she said that she had to get money from her house, since she did not have enough of it to pay for the ride.

“Basically my friend ordered me an Uber, the ride was alright, small talk small talk, nothing really stood out. I get home and realise I don’t have enough on me so I asked him to wait a second for me to run upstairs and get some cash,” explains Soraya.

On hearing that, all hell broke loose with the driver calling her a prostitute.

Hizo ni njaro za malaya, najuaje utarudi? (Those are prostitute tricks. How do I know that you will be back?),” Retorted the driver.

To her, it is nothing serious until she goes out to get the money.

“I even tried to laugh it off like nitakimbia wapi? (Where do I run to?). Turned around to go up the stairs and he pushes me. I fall to the ground. I turn around to ask him (what’s going on). A shoe is in my face. I scream,” continues Soraya.

“The watchman comes over and pulls him away. I pick myself up. I am shaking, I couldn’t even talk at this point. I actually went and got the money and paid a nigga. I wasn’t even really thinking. He starts yelling because I have no change, I calmly told him he can send me Mpesa. I don’t even know why this made him madder, he came for me again. This is when I started taking pics, he’s trying to snatch the phone away.”

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At this time, the lady decides to defend herself, when she sees things getting tougher.

“The watchman was trying but this guy was really determined. He pushed me again and I had enough, I kicked that nigga in the chest with everything I had. My Standard two taekwondo skills really made a comeback. Watchman said he’d call the cops and I think that’s when Uber guy realised that shit was real. He sent me my change. He left,” she adds.

The next day, Soraya goes to the police to seek justice, but all she meets is stone-faced rudeness from the officers in blue uniform, asking ‘silly’ questions. All her hope of getting justice immediately fades away, and all she does is to record a statement just for formality.

Her hope and joy remains with family members, who embrace her after all she went through.

“I told my Mom this morning and she looks like she’s finna hunt a homie down and give him a smack down. She gave me a big hug and that’s when I realized I’d been shaking the whole time. Can’t wait to see my bro, he gives the best hugs,” says Soraya.

This is not the first incidence being reported on social median on violent taxi-hailing app drivers.

Early this week, a Taxify driver sexually harassed his passed out female passenger and was proudly admitting it to the next one with an excuse that the passenger was drunk.

Another one narrated how she was harassed for trying to use Mpesa to pay for the services, with people just watching around.

Here’s the thread:-

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Written by Francis Muli

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