This is the Woman Insane Enough to Live with Paul Kobia. They have a Son …..

The Cocaine and Heroin addict who has been bragging in Nairobi how he can use excuses to kill on behalf of President Uhuru is running mad. Paul Kobia who is a cabbage of a human being now solely depending on Hon Mike Sonko for survival recently bragged how he killed Raila Odinga’s son, Fidel Odinga.

Paul Kobia after being disciplined by Raila Odinga’s bodyguards

Paul Kobia bragged at three different locations knowing very well what he was doing. To protect him, State House links immediately ordered police boss Samuel Arachi to claim that Paul Kobia was sick so as to avoid having him arrested and held to account for the murder.

Apart from Hon Sonko, Paul Kobia also depends on once student of law turned gold digger, Christine Karo. The two have a child. Christine Karo Njage can be seen in her Facebook profile bragging how much she has. Looking closely at the pictures, you will see that the pictures are from the same location where Paul Kobia also takes his.

Christine Karo Njage did not graduate in 2010 with her fellow classmates. It is believed that she didn’t even go to the Kenya School of law as required. She just studied law but never made effort to be an advocate, meaning that she can’t represent anyone. She is said to be a consumer of the hard drugs Paul Kobia takes.

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