Rift Emerging Between Politician Governors and Their Technocrat Deputies

The gubernatorial race in some Counties ahead of the August saw names that have been touted as rough around the edges and intellectual underdogs albeit impeccable crowd pullers and politicians.

These candidates knew all these only too well and opted for technocrat deputies who fathom management hands on.

Typical examples are Counties like Nairobi, Kiambu and Mombasa where politician governors went for learned fellows in order to bridge the gap and appeal to that cadre of voters.

Kahawa Tungu has learned that reality after the hullabaloo of politicking has jolted and a jostle is playing out especially in Kiambu County where Governor Ferdinand Waititu and his Deputy James Nyoro have gone ahead to openly show their poor work union even in front of DP Ruto.

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Nyoro is an Agricultural Economist from the University of Nairobi and London’s Wye College. He has worked as the Managing Director of the Rockefeller Foundation in charge of the African Region based in Nairobi, Kenya.He has also worked as the advisor to the Government of Kenya through the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

The bickering between the two is said to have almost escalated into fist fights on a number of occasions with the bone of contention being, who is the ‘real boss.’

Nyoro is said to have expressed concerns over pedestrian decisions that Waititu makes without consultations and which he fears might undermine their tenure. The governor is said to have solely picked the cabinet and has more than once openly admitted to their in fights.

The most public one was last Sunday when the two failed short of showing their Deputy party leader and DP William Ruto decorum when Waititu openly said his deputy was noisy and “scolds me a lot.”

The incident took place at a church in Kabete and Ruto is sad to have reprimanded the two over their continuous bickering.

A disquiet is said to be brewing under wraps in Nairobi County too though the City hall has denied the same.

Governance experts argue that a harmonious work relationship between such an arrangement of Politician Governor and technocrat deputy is understandably elusive in the fist few months but that a common ground once established, things always return to normalcy.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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