Willy Paul’s Neighbor Rubbishes ‘Reality Show’ Rumors, Says It Was Pure Violence

Willy Paul
willy paul

Willy Paul’s neighbor has come out to slam allegations of an upcoming ‘reality show’ saying that the Gospel singer was acting out of pure violence.

The neighbor rubbished the claims suggesting that Willy Paul is trying to fool people because there were no cameras or a cast crew.

“That cannot be a reality show. You can’t beat up someone like that then come out saying you are shooting a reality show. First of all, there were no cameras, no cast crew and the like. That was just pure violence,” he told one of the dailies.

The neighbor said that it was not the first time that the 24 year old was causing an altercation in the estate as he has been heard fighting inside his house.

He shared the details of what happened on that night to one of the dailies,

“I was on my way home at around 9.30pm when I saw a commotion. It was Willy Paul, some other guy plus the lady. They were in an argument but Willy Paul was in control of everything, and that is when the fight began,” the source said.

“I tried to separate them. The lady was trying to call someone. That was when he took her phone and destroyed it. According to some friends I asked, they said Willy Paul was claiming the lady was high on cocaine, which I think was only a way to cover up the whole issue. I can’t be sure if the lady was his real girlfriend since so many people come and leave his premises.”

The neighbor also added that Willy Paul causes a lot of disturbance inside the estate with loud music that he frequently plays at his house.

He says that neighbors have frequently complained about the musician.

 “From what I saw him doing, I do not think that a gospel artiste is supposed to behave in that manner. I was really traumatized and I felt for the young girl.” the neighbor added.

A video came out on Monday where Willy Paul was seen mercilessly beating up a girl outside his Syokimau apartments.

He tried to cover up his act of violence by claiming that the incident was part of a reality show that he is shooting.

Written by Eva Nyambura

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