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William Oduol’s Wife Crying for Justice, Fears for Her Life

The wife of William Oduol (Siaya Gubernatorial race candidate) is going through a lot. Her name is Nancy. She is now jobless after she exhausted all her sick leave with her employer. She has been assaulted by the husband it seems she cannot get justice from anywhere else.

Here are pics of her assault.

pics 1 001

She has failed to get justice from the courts because William Oduol has all the money to bribe everyone he want to. The worst bit is that despite William being in and out of courts with domestic violence cases since 2001, he is a licensed gun holder. He recently went to his wife’s residence (they are now separated) to threaten her and brag that she cannot get justice from the courts.

This just need to stop

UPDATE: William Oduol claims in a Facebook post that this is his only wife.

Oduol Wife

YES.  This is Oduol’s current girlfriend (not wife) called Christine. That is because he is not officially divorced from Nancy who he is embroiled with in a vicious court battle.


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    • To the so called Oduol or whatever he is, am here to assure him that even though he has money and can bribe everyone in the court, there is a Loving ,Just Father that we depend on,GOD. he can do whatever he want but GOD will not close HIS eyes concerning such inhuman acts that oduol is doing. if he continue doing this, he will know that there is ALMIGHTY, ALL KNOWING GOD WHO LIVETH.

  1. Thats so sad!y dnt she try other courts away from her resident?we all know who sponsored oduol and its very hard to beat em.

  2. Surely its unbelievable little did I ;now that he is such a stupid wife baterer. Its even good he did not take the governors seat in Siaya county. the authorities should help the lady and oduol should be taken behind the bars. He is such a primitive idiot. Oduol you are useless in the community.

  3. this is so bad..thought men were past this ..its so unfair that she cannot get justice..and The William Oduol guy should be responsible for all the marks on her.WHERE IS JUSTICE.i hope he is not an mp..

  4. This is sad, kindly advice the lady to go to FIDA offices where she can get legal help. Violence should not be condoned because of money or power. I have found out that the real powerful people are the most humble in life. This is just sad, especially with kids involved.

  5. I don’t want 2 delve myself into condemning Oduol nor the wife.Each family is in chaos n it’s only prayers that is gonna help.Oduol n Nancy shld sort their matters coz the solution lies within themselves.

  6. Eih leadershp starts with hw well u treat ua family!i hate wife batterers they show hw coward they’re!!haiya u wantd 2 b a governor??

    • Exactly, the smallest leadership until is the family, and this is how he handled it. Dude that is just wrong. We may not know what happened, but taking matters physically is not how we want our leaders to be. Period.

  7. I understand that this is a smear campaign against Odual and that the woman in those photos is not his wife. Omundu, do you have the money to wash your dirty hands from this mess (when the courts come knocking??). Be very afraid Omundu.

    • This is not nonsense as u claim. I can swear over my life n know william n nancy personally. Shame on him a million times, he’s well know for domestic violence n he gets away coz of hs money. I campaign for justice in Nancy’s case. How could e beat his wife in front of his own kids? I urge the government to revoke his gun license. william is a danger to the society. Wot kind of people r u electing to our offices kenyas? Governor for real?

    • Christine, the so now called williams wife? B warned. That’s not a hubby, he can shoot n beat u to death anytime. Enjoy it now hoisting, but I feel sorry for you. Enjoy his money while u can. But ure not williams wife, we all know that, unless for a political staunt. Umundu, thanks a lot for creating awareness abt this coward of a man, women batterer.

  8. Malimwengu haya,but ka mathe ako na pang’ang’ mingi awache au mdomo ikatwe.She will never find justice until she apologizes and reconcile,ambia mheshimiwa aresign from politics awe serious na mambo ya familia

  9. Men let us be civilize, women are human beings n there4 deserves to be treated well, respected, care name it!

  10. Lady wake up and that man after killing you how many more do u think he will use kill and damp whenever he feels like,let her go to FIDA

  11. Stupi idiot william, uve known for domestic violence for long. Shame on u. I know u personally n u abused my friend for a long time, u didn’t even care abt ure own kids watch u beat ure wife almost to death. Wot a shame william. N r u sure u wanted to b a governor? The government should revoke his gun license.

  12. It is sad that a man (any man) can lift his hand and strike a woman (any woman), It is heart breaking for a husband to inflict vicious emotion pain to his wife, It is immoral for a community (Family friend relatives clan law enforcement agencies) to stand by and watch for tomorrow it’ll be your sisters and our daughters. Mr Oduol is not a man but a mouse, an egotistical coward who is not rich but poor, pathetic and a needy ibacile a disgrace to all loving MAN-KIND.

  13. It is sad that, such men run around freely.
    The hardness of the law should hit out here!
    Women should unite and fight for equal rights.
    We are no fresh meat and also no garbage.
    I hope that, the husband of this woman will pay atleast 500.000 Ksh.

    Should the woman agree to divorce, the man has pay shilling her at least 3.000.000.
    If there are any children, the woman should get just as much shillings for each child.

  14. Deiiim this is so bad women are not punching bag..may justice prevail this is serious..super sirious

  15. Seriously?thank God he did not win that seat….and i hope Chrisrine has seen this….should run for the hills ama hata yeye achapwe.once a woman batterer always one.The goom should pay for this.El Stupido!!!!

  16. Seriously?thank God he did not win that seat….and i hope Chrisrine has seen this….should run for the hills ama hata yeye achapwe.once a woman batterer always one.The goon should pay for this.El Stupido!!!!

  17. waaah,I dint know all this information about this former contestant.This not right of despising the woman because she don’t have that cash to access services.Courts should be fare to all and assist anybody despite the financial status.

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