Wikileaks: US Government Apologises to Kenya

Word from Kenyan government spokesman, Dr Alfred Mutua has it that US Assistant Secretary of state in charge of Africa called the Prime Minister, Mr Raila Odinga, to apologise on the impending release by Wikileaks of over 1,821 cables from the US Embassy in Nairobi to Washington.

The spokesman was not specific on the contents of the release but the leaked summary of over 226 documents out of the 251,287 documents say that “Almost every single sentence in the embassy reports speaks with disdain of the government of President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga” according to Der Spiegel which was part of the media group which received the leaks.

Of the leaked documents, almost all African states are represented with Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, DRC, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Guinea (Conakry) having the highest number of cables sent out to Washington.

Wikileaks , in 2007, published a report by an international risk assessment group Kroll Associates alleging massive corruption on the part of relatives and associates of former President Daniel arap Moi.

Wikileaks had an interview on the sidelines of TED Global 2010. He said that the leak of the Kroll report had a major impact on the defeat of the suspects in 2007 Kenyan general elections.

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