Whatsapp to Switch off Messages Function for Users Who Reject Update


Whatsapp users who do not accept its new terms and conditions will have their messages switched off. The company extended the deadline to May 15 after which users will be unable to send or receive messages.

According to WhatsApp, calls and notifications will continue functioning, albeit for a few weeks.

Whatsapp announced news of the intended update in January and faced a lot of backlash from users after claims emerged that the company was planning to share private user data with Facebook. A big number chose to join competitors Telegram and Signal.

Last week, Whatsapp attempted to explain to its users why and how the update would affect them, clarifying that it was mainly focused on business accounts.

WhatsApp already shares data such as the device’s IP address and purchases made via the platform with Facebook. The only exception is in Europe and UK where different privacy laws exist.

Written by Vanessa Murrey

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