Inexperienced Drivers, Fatigue To Blame For Increased Road Carnage In The Country

Sachangwan Accident. / COURTESY

The National transport and safety authority (NTSA) has blamed the increased rate of accidents especially in this month of December on drunk drivers and over speeding.

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Matatu association Simon Kimutai has blamed the road accidents on inexperienced drivers who receive their licenses through unscrupulous means.

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A keen look at the buses being used to transport passengers are unroadworthy. A case in point is ‘Modern coast’ a bus that is famously known to ply the Nairobi-Mombasa route.

To cash in on the festivities travels, it has  ventured on other routes in Western Kenya and the seemingly ‘old buses’ with drivers unfamiliar with the terrain have been chosen for the task thus exposing passengers to risk.

These Modern Coast buses face unnecessary delays and that the drivers have to rush to meet the set deadlines. This means that the manner in which the bus will be driven will would cause immense danger to the passengers. The continuous breakdowns especially during the night also puts the passengers in imminent danger.

The National Transport and safety authority (NTSA) have however said that the number of deaths this year has reduced by 4%. The Authority says that they have put measures to curb the drunk driving menace. They have said that they will introduce the Alcoblow gadget during the day.

The NTSA and the Matatu owners association have said they had a meeting to put measures to reduce driver fatigue. Simon Kimutai says that they introduced two drivers for long  distances to avoid diver fatigue which is a major cause for this accidents.

The vehicles issued with temporary licenses will be fitted with a tracking device that helps NTSA to track the speed of this vehicle.

The authority can download the NTSA Application on android mobile phone to check licensed vehicles, routes and also to report issues that they will be facing on the roads.

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