What can East Africa learn from CES2010?

Finally the USA Consumer Electronics show 2010 is over. I can now say what I read. Remember I am in Nairobi and the event occured thousands of miles away. But it seems I was there. What with the greap photos from Engadget, Gizmodo and PCMag. What with the blog posts from Techcrunch and Mashable. I got all the breaking news thanks to Snaptu for the wonderful application in my so old Nokia E50 (I cant just let the phone go).

But for East Africa, I think we can draw many lessons from the event. Do we even have a Consumer Electronics Show in East Africa? We used to have one at Sarit Centre but it seems to have died down. I remember going to some in the early 2000s and was getting wowed with the gadgets I saw. I remember even having my first .Net bible from the show we had at the cinemaplex at Sarit Centre.

At CES there’s usually something genuinely innovative from some small company you’ve never heard of. This year, Light Blue Optics was showing off its Light Touch system, a mini-projector that “turns any flat surface into a 10-inch touch screen.”

Anyway, below is a picture gallery of what transpired at CES2010 as the evnt was aptly named.

An attendee plays here with the 3D Camera

This HDTV from Haier is completely wireless, with WiTricity transmitting power from the black panel behind.

NTV, KTN, ITV and other TV stations in the regions should take cue. The MSNBC and CNBC were even broadcasting live from the event.

Lady Gaga, Polaroid’s new “Creative Director” spoke to fans and press at the company’s booth in the LVCC on Thursday. That thing on her head is her hair.

This Boat Shaped Media Frame features six dual (on both sides) OLED displays. A similar project would cost about $50,000 to produce, including custom consulting fees.

Photo by Zach Honig

CES is the place to be when it comes to spotting the latest fashion trends. 3D glasses appear to be this year’s hottest item.

Qualcomm’s Mirasol display is extremely power efficient with many of the benefits of current e-ink displays, but it’s capable of displaying content in color, and at a much faster frame rate. Expected release in late 2010.

This 14-inch transparent OLED display is a prototype, with no plan for release yet.


Razer, the firm that brings us all those high-end gaming peripherals, has made its first foray into the Xbox market with a couple of add-ons. The Onza controller and Chimaera pro gaming headset will be available later this year.

The $50 Onza, with its swanky green trim, has Razer’s Hyperesponse Technology, (blah blah fishcakes) adjustable tension analogue sticks and a multi-function button that you can program yourself to perform specific actions. Batteries not included, as they have power cords.

And then there’s the Chimaera. Costing $130, it supports 5.1 channel surround sound system, and allows you to connect multiple Razer base stations via its Daisy-Chain cable system.

A mock laboratory is one of the highlights at the Canon booth.

Actors practising at the Casio booth.

The Infinia LE9500 Series is available in 47- and 55-inch models, with ultra-slim 8.5mm bezels.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U1 is a hybrid notebook and tablet PC.

The Infinia LE9500 Series includes a Magic Wand remote control that provides a navigation experience similar to that offered with the Nintendo Wii.

Hannspree offers a variety of HDTVs, including LCD and LED TVs, and the novelty model seen here.

The new PowerMat is completely cordless, thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery.

The MPro 150 pico projector from 3M offers 15 lumens of output and 1GB of built-in storage, allowing it to display PowerPoint presentations and other files.

The Pure Sensia Digital Audio System includes an interactive touch-screen display with support for widgets, including Twitter and weather.

The Entourage Edge features touch-enabled E-ink and LCD displays.

The Parrot AR Drone can be controlled remotely using an iPhone.

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