Webites by local Web developers is Yuck!!

Why is is that the Kenyan Web Developers have Blogs which are shoddily done and are not worth a look at? What lacks in the training. An example is Moses Kemibaro which is a Blog by the CEO of DotSavvy, one of Kenya’s premier Web Development firms.

Apart from the adsense thrown here and there, there is nothing in the blog to show that this is a serious Web Developer who knows how to utilise teh social Media functions. The comments are rarely there and if there its from a bored audience. The Web 2.0 experience has not sunk in even for Kenyan Web Developers who should be using their tool of trade well. We just have to wonder how they will handle clients without even themselves doing a great work for themselves.

Anyway since Moses Kemibaro is known to be more of Tanzanian than Kenyan, lets look at others.

Paul Kukubo

I must say that Paul Kukubo chose the right template which is chic, clean and good for his image as the CEO of Kenya ICT Board. I find it odd that he rarely updates his blog but that can be forgiven with the hard government job he has and the never ending meetings and workshops which actually dont bring much change.

I will add more later

Written by Robert

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