Wave Of Police Shooting Spouses Increases As Police Kills Girlfriend In Naivasha


A police officer attached to Kongoni police station in Naivasha shot and killed his girlfriend within the police station. The reasons behind the shooting are still unclear.

The officer has since been arrested. Constable Benjamin Lelmen of Kongoni station shot dead his girlfriend on Thursday night at 11 pm.

Officers killing their spouses in the country has become rampant in the recent past. A few months a go in September a police officer attached to the presidential escort is said to have shot his girlfriend at a cyber cafe within the Nairobi central business district. In a another incident in Molo

Administration officer attacked to the Molo Police Station shot dead his girlfriend then turned the on himself following a short argument.

Reasons behind the growing number of officer  killing their spouses is usally attributed to love triangles but questions still arise as to if the police have become trigger happy and use maximum force upon any kind of agitation.

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It is yet to be established if officers go through counseling after the rise in deaths caused by them. There should be some sort of program to handle such issues as the number is getting alarmingly high.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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