Wafula Buke: Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi’s Scandalous Sex and Politics


1. In 1972, the president of Zanzibar, Abeid Karume, was shot dead by a youthful soldier. The Nyerere administration detained socialist radicals accusing them of staging a coup. Top among them was Prof Abdulrahman Babu who served 10 years in jail. The TRUTH was, Karume”s affair with a married woman got so sweet till he murdered the husband. The son to his mpango swore to revenge. When he matured and got training in Russia later joining the presidential security, he shot Karume. The boy was similarly shot dead. A generation of Marxist revolutionaries was wiped out because of sex.

2. Mubutu Seseko, president of DRC slept with the wives of just about all his cabinet ministers as a political management strategy and proceeded to marry two sisters, same mother.

3. JM Kariuki was engaged to Marsden Madoka”s later day wife but made the mistake of visiting State House. Jomo Kenyatta was floored by her beauty. He employed her instantly as statehouse worker for obvious reasons. JM was so annoyed that he threatened to go for Uhuru’s mother, referred to as “the peacock” but was advised against the suicidal move. M. Madoka, a worker at statehouse, later married JM”s fiancee. Trouble with sex!

4. Philippines, under president Marcos, got a governor of the central govt accidentally. His wife Imelda went fighting with her bedroom rival. She was a kickboxer. A round kick missed her target and hit her male companion who fell and bled profusely. “Keep quiet about this. I will make you governor of the central bank.” He was appointed one by president Marcos. Sex at work.

5. USA’s charismatic President John F Kennedy was a sexual disaster. The boy (42 years old) often sneaked out of statehouse to pursue prostitutes while the CIA secretly guarded him. “The fellow could be having sex on one side of the wall while his cabinet was waiting to be addressed on the other side of the wall,” Dr Apollo Njonjo told me. Sex did not deny him honour.

6. One of the crazy things I did for William Ruto as his Personal Assistant was to kill a 7-page scandalous story in Citizen paper where his former PA was alleging that Ruto had 17 children out of marriage by 2010. The PA later worked as communication director for governor Isaac Ruto. William Ruto is going for the presidency despite.…

7. The current shine of women in professional positions may have something to do with president Moi’s love for girls school headmistresses. Girls schools had more Harambees than boys’. A husband to one of the women was made an ambassador to Japan to create room for a more intense sexual affair. The power of sex?

8. The historic Mwakenya crackdown of 1986 was begun after a sexual betrayal by the wife of a leading member. After the arrest and imprisonment of the husband, she got speedy promotions in govt, failed to visit him and ditched our comrade professor. The whole movement was matched to Nyayo House and proceeded to Kamiti max prison. The dangers of sex?

9. Tom Mboya and Kisumu Rural mp late Ndolo Ayah were political enemies due to rivalry over the educated and beautiful Pamela whom Mboya married. The turning point was the invite to Nairobi by both. Mboya offered an air ticket while Ayah gave a bus ticket. She picked Mboya. The beauty of sex?

10. Kiraitu Murungi and Gitobu Imanyara are birds of the same feather ideologically but can’t see eye to eye. They shared a woman as boys and they may not have recovered from the mix among other reasons. She picked one of them. The pettiness of sex?

11. History will one day tell us how Yoweri Museveni and Besigye rivalry over a woman shaped the history of Uganda. Significance of sex?

12. People, consider Ignoring Dr Mukhisa Kituyi’s scandalous picture.

Written by Wafula Buke

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