VIDEO: Kenyan Cops Begging an Armed Thug to Lie Down

A dramatic video showing Administration Police officers (APs) begging an armed thug to lie down and be frisked has gone viral. The video posted by Nation Media owned Nairobi News show a single officers armed with a pistol in one hand run and grab the armed thug by the neck and begs him to lie down for more than 4 minutes before two other police officers arrive and order the thug to lie down.

The Video

The video show the good side of the cops but also the fact that they are not well trained in physically subduing such a thug. If you watch American TV series COPS, you will realise that officers will use all their means to get such a thug to cooperate. The fact that he was armed with two pistols would have increased the chances of him being shot as he was not ready to cooperate at all.

At the AP offices, the policemen are still seen begging the thug to remove hi ID from his purse instead of the officers confidently searching the suspect.

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