Valentines Checklist: Six Innate Traits Of A Perfect Lady


Singles from all walks of life on Saturday gathered at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) during an event dubbed Speed Dating to try their luck in finding a life partner.

The event organized by Jumia and graced by top celebrities like Betty Kyallo not only sought to break the official world record of the World’s Largest Speed Dating event, but more importantly get some singles between 25 -35 years love ahead of Valentine’s Day later in the week.

Well, many will ask, how will you go out with someone you just met? How will you even know they’re not faking it?

Honestly, it’s hard but that’s how speed dating is supposed to be – Speed dating!

However, judging from the first impression you can know if someone is your type or not. So, below I share all you need to know before falling for her.

For starters, I like women. No! I think I love women! Since I’m a straight man who spent the better part of my teen and early 20s reading, chasing, seducing and writing about these beautiful creatures, I’m confident that I can describe a perfect woman, I can notice one a mile away by the way!

She must be feminine

I tend to argue with most of my friends who in one way or another approve homosexuality. I believe no one is born homosexual. It’s a trait that people learn or borrow depending on the people around them, so to say. The ladies who want to taste what is purely meant for men, in my view, you’re not feminine however much your physical features may prove me wrong.

Femininity means set of attributes, behaviors and roles generally associated with girls and women. It means a woman doesn’t act like a man if she is not physically endowed that way.

Being feminine is a plus and every woman should be proud to be one; it’s a gift that you should forever treasure. Men are mostly attracted to women with feminine features, the way you roll your eyes, your smile, all that you can ever imagine of. So, if you’re a straight lady or girl you should never struggle too hard to be a tomboy. We love you the way you’re. Your feminine features make us weak!

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She must be intelligent

As a woman, you don’t have to have a Phd in pure mathematics or any other discipline to be intelligent, no! The intelligence am talking about is the common knowledge or sense that helps you grasp ideas about what is happening around you and how you react back. However, if you happen to have both well but the latter is supreme.

Clever and mature men respect intelligent women. It gives you an added advantage when in a pool of similarly attractive women whose only intelligence is on using filters on Instagram to scare men, or rolling around idle men in a club from Monday to Monday. Be different, stand out beautiful.

A semi – Independent Lady

A woman’s life should not entirely revolve around what a man can do for her. If as a woman at one point in your life you’ve ever asked yourself what you can do for a man, then we are reading from the same page. You’re doing well so far!

Dependent women are characterized by traits of running from one man to another, when they realize you can’t afford them anymore. (Professor of Politics, Mutahi Nguny’I calls it Kumanga Manga in Swahili). If you are the kind of independent women, even for 0.001 percent, you’d appreciate love even when there is nothing on the table but hope that tomorrow you’ll have something to give your kids.

The perfect woman must be independent in a way, even the smallest of independence you can ever think of. She must have ambitions and her own goals to raise a family and take care of those who raised her and of course take care of her husband in case something happens in future, such as an accident that might leave your husband incapacitated. What will you do? Run a way? What will you do if he loses his job? Dump him?

A decisive woman is better

A woman must be ready to make independent choices in certain circumstances. You can’t rely on your boyfriend or husband to make decisions for you all the time. It pisses off to be told “It’s up to you to decide” all the time. “Your word is my command” irritates even more. Indecisiveness can be a disease that can impair your life in many years to come. It can be edged permanently into your cerebral neurons ahaha… you know what that means.

Trivial decisions like picking cheese, yoghurt are an exception…They strengthen the bond between you two. I can’t complain about that. You can always ask him to choose for you, if you feel it’s necessary or make some fun while shopping.

She must be loyal

My perfect kind of a woman is that lady who will stand by me, understand me, protect me from what she thinks might make me sad, loyal to my hustle however small and so forth. I know this applies to many men and women out there. Everybody likes to have a loyal partner. It feels good.

Any mature lady must be supportive to their boyfriend, or husband. The two are inseparable. If you’re mature you’ll know the value of being loyal.

A loyal and mature lady knows how to think logically instead of being held captive by her emotions. It’s the sexiest thing any man can wish for in a lady.

She must be confident

For clever chaps, physical attractiveness is only part of what a perfect lady should possess. Combine an attractive woman with confidence then you’ll be the luckiest man in the whole universe; you’ll have an unbeatable human being who will be ready to conquer earth and help you do the same, maybe live in Mars or something!

Having confidence means she knows what is worth living for. She has a purpose in life. In my view, nothing can beat an attractive and confident lady.

All set go get your partner son!

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Written by Wycliffe Nyamasege


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