Uhuru’s Receptionist Assaulted by Top State House Official

Kennedy Kihara
Kennedy Kihara
Kennedy Kihara

The official receptionist of the President going by the title of Chief Government Receptionist was last week assaulted by the Secretary to the Cabinet Office Mr Kennedy Kihara. In an OB No. 31 of 9th October 2014 at Parliament Police station, the victim, one Ms Rachel Kamatu allege that after a short argument, Mr Kihara assaulted her within the premises of the office of the President without warning.

Now officials at the Office of the President want Mr Kihara punished and dismissed from employment. The assault happened just a day before the arrival of President Uhuru from the Netherlands.

The OB recording of the assault;

image (3)

Meanwhile, officers at the Parliament police station which serves most of the top government offices have complained that efforts to get Mr Kihara arrested and held to account have not been successful as he is a senior government official who they don’t have much access to.

Mr Kihara is a 54 year old former military officer who was awarded the Elder of the Order of Burning Spear by President Kibaki. He is known to claim to be a strong church elder earning the respect of fellow officers in the Office of the President. Mr Kihara might be stripped of the Presidential awards if it is proved that he really assaulted the lady working for the President.

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