Uhuru Unveils New Police Command Structure, Police Line Housing Abolished

President Uhuru
President Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta while presiding over the opening National Security Conference at the Kenya school of government has made changes in the Police service.

The president stated that the reorganization was a means to improve better service delivery and transform the police service from a force to a service.

To avoid overlapping of duties in the police service the President  assigned specific and distinct functions to the different police units.

He said that the Deputy Inspector General Kenya police will focus on Public safety and security.

The Deputy Inspector General Administration Police will focus on border security and banditry while the Directorate of criminal investigation will focus on criminal investigation.

The new command structure will be as follows; The regional police commander (RPC), the county police commander,(CPC), the sub county police commander (SPC), and the officer in charge of the police station who will be in charge of the police station its wards and Patrol bases.

The Administration police will now be organised in units only the rest will be integrated to perform the duties of the general duty police. This units will include Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), Border Police Unit (BPU), APS Stock theft prevention unit (APS- ASTU) which will be under the command of the Deputy Inspector General Administration police

Abolished Posts

He also said to avoid duplication of duties following posts would be abolished:

Regional commander Administration police, Regional commander Kenya police and the regional commander at the DCI, The county commander administration police, the county commander Kenya police service and the the county commander at the DCI, the sub county commander Administration police, the sub county commander Kenya Police and the sub county commander at the DCI.

Other posts that have been abolished are the officer in charge of the police division (OCPD),the District administration police commander(DAPC) and the Administration police ward commander.

Officers who had the ranks that have since been abolished will be rationalized and rearranged to fit into the new hierarchy of command

The number of commanders from 168 to 56


The president also abolished police line housing and introduced housing allowance. Police officers living under line housing will have 90 days to vacate the premises and seek private tenancies and integrate themselves with the community they serve. The Housing Allowance will be categorized in to clusters which will determine how much a police constable will be paid as house allowance.

A constable in Nairobi will be entitle to a house allowance of Sh.18124 per month, those working in Mombasa , Kisumu, Nakuru,Meru and Uasin Gishu will receive Sh.13,124 all other counties will receive Sh.8124

Training Colleges

The training schools have also been renamed to give them a national outlook. The names will change as follows; The the Kenya Police training college in Kiganjo has been changed to the National police college Kiganjo campus, the Administration Police training college has been renamed to the National police college Embakasi ‘A’ campus.

The GSU training has been changed to the National police college Embakasi ‘B’ campus, the Senior staff college in Loresho will now become the National police senior staff college Loresho campus, The senior staff college in Emali will now become the National senior police  Emali campus.

 Police Uniform

President Uhuru


The President said that the police will change uniforms in order to improve visibility. They would also be required to take refresher courses on general duties in the police station which will be culminated by a pass out parade.

All general duty police from constable to the Inspector general will wear the same color uniform and will only be differentiated by ranks and equivalent decorations

Most of this changes will take place with immediate effect apart from the House allowance will will take effect on December 1.

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