Holidaying Uhuru US Delegation Provides Comical Relief During Bilateral Talks With Trump



The Kenyan delegation traveling with President Uhuru Kenyatta to the United States has caused quite the stir online.

Images doing rounds online show the officials present during bilateral talks between Kenyatta and POTUS Donald Trump show up without notebooks.

But the American delegation is on the other hands fully equipped with notebooks and pens, unlike the Kenyans who look like they flew in for the refreshments.

What shocked people even more is that only the President and Trade PS Chris Kiptoo looked the least bit interested in the goings-on. The rest of the delegation looked like excited tourists taking a trip in the White House.

In March the delegation traveling with the head of state was another let down as they once again went in for the historic talks armed with nothing.

During the trip, Cuba’s Raul Castro’s delegation appeared keen and their Kenyan counterparts distracted.

uhuru US

Is the lack of interest to take down notes deliberate or is it comical? That is the question that lingers in many Kenyans minds. Deliberate in the sense that this delegations are only fascinated in the hullabaloo surrounded in traveling with the president and not the substance or the purpose of the various state visits.

Comical in the sense that this so called delegation is blessed with extreme photographic memories that even a 16 hour jet lag cannot make them forget the discussions. Also that the foreign delegation who choose to write down notes have nothing on the brilliant Kenyan mind.

This worrying trend that is being portrayed should not be allowed to prosper because many important aspects of meeting are lost in miscommunication which can only be addressed by that one person who took time to note down.

There is a reason why diaries were created with pages not just as accessories to walk around and make you look learned.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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