Uhuru believes he will win against Raila without rigging

President Uhuru is upbeat he has the numbers to beat NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga in an open, transparent and free electoral contest.

The president, unlike those close to him, is against any attempts to manipulate the electoral system to supposedly favour him.

He has campaigned in twice as many regions as the NASA Leader, also attracting massive crowds and passionate support. The president has also hogged media coverage, with an advertisement blitz that has seen NASA reduced to the corners of television broadcasting.

The President believes his numbers are good in areas that voted overwhelmingly for NASA (then CORD) in 2013 and has increased his vote count in usual strongholds.

For instance, Kiambu County alone, with a turnout of 90%, will dwarf at least three Luo Nyanza counties.

His DeputyWilliam Ruto still enjoy overwhelming support in the Rift Valley.

Jubilee has sought to showcase its development record for the last five years, with massive infrastructural spending in expanding road, rail, air and logistical sectors.

Under Uhuru, Kenya has also witnessed trillions in financial transactions, powered by a vibrant banking system and telecommunications sector.

Uhuru has also stabilized Kenya’s security, bringing safety in the country with the degrading of Al Shabaab which is now unable to carry out large scale attacks.

Written by Kahawa Tungu


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