Ugandan Envoy To The USA Deported For Battering Wife




Ugandan envoy to the USA has been recalled the mister counselor at the USA embassy Dickson Ogwang for battering his wife.

The police received a distress call from the envoys house sometime in December and found the wife nursing bruises. The police wanted to arrest the diplomat but he invoked his immunity after having served as the acting ambassador for six months.

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The wife was admitted for five days.

He will be returning to Uganda this coming weekend a source close to the embassy disclosed.

“Amb Ogwang will be returning to Uganda this weekend,” said a highly placed source in the diplomatic community.

Margaret Kafeero ,the head of policy at the ministry of foreign affairs said she was not aware of any information concerning the incident as she was on leave.

This is not the first incidence linking Uganda’s envoys to domestic violence. In 2015, Second Secretary Robert Mugimba was transferred to Cairo over a similar offense. Ambassador Charles Wagaba, the former deputy head of Uganda Mission at United Nations, also was moved to Kinshasa for same.

The Ugandan government of Uganda has been urged to carefully select foreign envoys so as to reduce this current trend of domestic violence. He said that this envoys depend on the diplomatic immunity accorded to them  and do not face the full force of the law.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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