Uganda to Launch its ‘Kiira EV SMACK’ Hybrid Saloon Car in Kenya on Thursday

Uganda Kiira EV Smack

Kenya might be surprised but Uganda is launching what it calls its first car and it is no ordinary vehicle, it has a hybrid version. The car christened Kiira EV SMACK is a product of Makerere University’s Centre for Research in Transportation Technologies (CRTT).

The car which has been in state of development since 2012 and recently launched in Uganda is set to launch in Kenya on Thursday this week. Not much is known about the car but various YouTube video posts show a rugged shapeless thing which I just hope that moves. The shape is not so important since they might not yet have focused on the aesthetics.

Mass production of the car is set to commence in 2018 at a 100-acre plant in Jinja. According to documents available online, the car will be available in three variants: EV (full Electric Vehicle) for enthusiasts, Internal Combustion Engine (ICE or normal fuel engine), as well as hybrid (combining both fuel and electric systems).

The hybrid version will be able to run only for 80km after charge. The engine size is said to be between 1,500cc and 1,800cc.

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