Two Former Capital FM Producers and Lorna Irungu Now Joining Easy FM

Two former Capital FM producers, Kent and Vincent Ochieng’, are set to join Easy FM after quitting the Chris Kirubi owned station. Kent who used to produce Capital FM’s breakfast show will join Easy FM as a producer of two shows one being Your Call which is getting a new presenter in the name of Lorna Irungu while Vinie who used to Produce “The Jam” at Capital FM will be joining Angela Agwenyi and Manwa Magoma as the Breakfast show SOTN producer.

Vinnie quit Capital FM after disagreeing with Cess Mutungi over the manner in which he treated former co-host Makosewe leading to the resignation of the latter. Cess was reported to be bullying Makosewe in the show by secretly sabotaging her and sometimes even switching off her microphone in the middle of conversations. Makosewe resigned before she was briefly convinced to return by Chris Kirubi. She had to resign again as Cess didn’t stop sabotaging her.

The almost openly gay Vincent will be a great addition to Easy FM as they seek to engage key audiences through social media and interactive shows. Vinie

Cess thought that Makosewe might replace her so she was protecting her tuff. She is not willing to let go like Caroline Mutoko who has refused to throw in the towel despite key advertisers shunning Kiss FM and opting for Radio Jambo and Classic FM.

Capital FM still rakes in an average of Ksh 60 million in a month despite commanding only 5% listenership in the among the urban youth while Kiss FM now averages only Ksh 5 million in a good month. With Caroline Mutoko being paid Ksh 1.2 million, the station is in for a steep decline. Most advertisers think that Caroline Mutoko should be axed from the morning show and given managerial duties as she is too disconnected to the station’s target market. With her closeness to Patrick Quarco of Radio Africa, few would dare tell Caroline Mutoko that advertisers are complaining about her.

Let’s see how good Easy FM will do with the new catch.

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