Trouble at Milele FM as Vincent Ateya Resign Over Fight with Granton Samboja

Vincent Ateya

There is a rumble in the Kenyatta owned media empire called Mediamax. The focus now is on Milele FM as one of the most celebrated and popular radio host Vincent Ateya resigned on Friday just as Milele FM CEO Granton Samboja was planning to return him to the breakfast show where he plucked him from.

Presenters in the stattion believe that Samboja “is a lousy manager” who has no focus on what can bring listenership to the once number one radio station in the country. While presenting the breakfast show, Vincent Ateya was raked way above Citizen Radio’s breakfast show.

While Samboja and Ateya are also known to share a liking for the current show host, Maggie Waithera, it is not clear if that was part of the reason which brought bad blood between the duo. Samboja removed Ateya from the breakfast show in April hoping to see Maggie Waithera and KBC’s clown, Mogaka top the charts. Ateya was made the Radio Programmes Manager at Media Max.

It is reported that there is actually no love lost between Ateya and Samboja. Meanwhile, the station continue to drop in ratings. Previously, rhumba was its strongest point but that changed with the relaunch which saw the station start playing even some childish bongo music running away from its previous strong point. The mature listers loved the slow and great rhumba which was being played on Milele FM but the switch to play EVERYTHING has seen most listeners switch off.

While Samboja was planning a launch for Monday 13th, Vincent Ateya resigned on Friday surprising even his closest friends. Vincent is now rumoured to be headed to Q-FM where he is hoped to be the person which will rescue the station based at the twin-towers.

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