TRINC Media Executives FIRED from Radio Africa Group

It looks like after losing the Samsung social media account, TRINC Media was found to be extremely useless by Radio Africa and so the whole team including the founder, Sebastian Wafula, has been fired. In a mail sent to al Radio Africa group employees, the group accuses the company’s top executives of non delivery and opening parallel companies to do side business while they have running contracts as employees of the group.

The news was delivered to the group this morning when they reported to work. It is not clear why it took so long because the team was generally tactless and almost very obvious in handling social media for their clients. TRINC almost relied exclusively on the popularity of Caroline Mutoko and Maina Kageni online to push various client products online. Beyond that, they lacked focus.

Samsung recently terminated its contract with the team and the winning agency Cube Digital, has reportedly achieved much more than the electronics giant expected.

TRINC was formerly owned by Sebastian Wafula until it was bought off by the Radio Africa group.

UPDATE: According to sources within Radio Africa, TRINC Media was bought off by the group but the previous owner, Sebastian Wafula was left to hold 15%. He then went ahead and registered another company called Concierge…….. which they used to look for business rivalling their own employer.

So the owners have decided to dissolve the company as Radio Africa group now rely on Kiss Digital to drive its social media offerings and not the TRINC outfit.


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