Trevor Noah Responds to Critics of His French World Cup Joke (Video)

Trevor Noah

The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah faced criticism after his Monday show where he congratulated Africa for winning the 2018 Men’s World Cup.

“YES! Africa won the World Cup,” he exclaimed.

“Basically, if you don’t understand, France is Africans’ backup team. Once Senegal and Nigeria got knocked out, that’s who we root for.”

French citizens hit back at the comedian claiming that Trevor’s remarks were discriminating because he referred to the players as Africans due to their color yet they are all French citizens.

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“I get it, they have to say it’s the French team, but look at those guys. You don’t get that tan by hanging out in the south of France, my friends,” Noah said.

These comments caused an uproar that caused the French Ambassador to the USA to respond to Trevor to defend the French team.

The Ambassador, seemingly appalled that Noah referred to the French team as Africans, reverted to Noah stating that the players were all born in French apart from two who moved to French when they were 2 years old so they have grown and learnt to play in France.

He accused Noah of denying the players’ legitimacy of being French citizens as black citizens.

Trevor hit back at the Ambassador calling him out for his double standards.

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“When I’m saying ‘African’ I’m not saying it to exclude them from their French-ness, I’m saying it to include them in my African-ness. I’m saying, ‘I see you, my French brother of African descent,” Noah said.

Diversity represents France’s colonialism. The French want the world to refer to the players as French when they do something good and not when a French of African descent does something wrong.

“This is what I find interesting, is like, when I read stories from Africa and I watch what politicians say about African migrants when they are unemployed, when they may commit a crime, or when they’re considered unsavory, they are ‘African immigrants.’ When their children go on to provide a World Cup victory for France, we should only refer to it as France,” Noah added.

It is Ironic why the French would want to ignore the African-ness of the players feeling as though it dilutes the victory of the French victory yet it really is a fact that they are Africans.

“I will continue to praise them for being African because I believe they are of Africa, their parents are from Africa, and they can be French, because I believe they can both at the same time.” Trevor Noah responded.

“If French people are saying they can’t be, then I think they have a problem and not me.” he finished.

Here’s the video:

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