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Top Kenya Pipeline Executive Peter Mbugua, Found to be Having Fake Academic Papers

A top executive of the Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC) has been found to be having fake academic papers, work testimonials and different names on his passport and national ID.

According to sources close to the company top echelons as well as documents in our possession, Peter Mbugua who currently works as the company’s General Manager in charge of Operations and Maintenance doesn’t have the qualifications which he claims to have

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The schools he listed as having been to have all rejected his claims while others don’t exist. Some of the companies he says that he worked in also doesn’t exist while some can’t confirm him having worked at the same.

Peter was recruited in a high level interview which saw most qualified candidates dismissed while some his referees during the recruitment included some former and current top level employees.

According to Peter (Jabone) Mbugua Njenga’s CV and presented academic papers, he studied his Masters at “The University of Houston – Clear Lake” while the university presented a sample of their academic paper which shows the name as Houston University -Clear Lake. Peter’s records are not at the university whose records can even be verified online.

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Further to that, the university where he list as having obtained his first degree also don’t have any records of his attendance at the same. The seal on the fake degree presented by Peter doesn’t match that provided by the institution.

Peter’s secondary and primary schools can’t be traced.

The company hired forensic investigators which found out that Peter is not a member of organisations like ASME which he lists on his CV while the department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Praire is not aware of who Peter Mbugua is, clearly contradicting his claims as presented to the company during recruitment.

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Some companies like CRA International Corporation, Energy Tech Group and Inua Group doesn’t exist anywhere or at the addressed provided by Peter in his testimonials.

The forensic investigations are likely to raise questions on the qualifications of some of the top employees of government entities as Peter’s names on his ID (James Peter Mbugua) is different from what is on his Passport number A1927185 (Peter Mbugua Njenga).

The investigators recommend that Peter Mbugua be charged with fraud and all monies paid to him to date be recovered.

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Allegations of the General Manager’s fake academic papers has rattled the board and more so the Chairman John Ngumi who personally vouched for the senior employee. The Chairman is also remembered previously as the person who has used Peter as his errand boy whom he hangs out with most weekend, including on the company’s official helicopter.

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