Toi Market Traders Express Fears of Ethnic Clashes as Land Grabbing Cartels Incite them

A group of Toi Market traders fears that there will be serious ethnic clashes in the area if the push by a group of cartels to stir commotion in the market is not contained immediately.

According to the traders who fear being named as they will be targeted by the cartels, no government leader is willing to properly and conclusively address the issue as the DC, DO and Chief all have ganged up in support of a cartel of land grabbers led by one Pagal Bashir and Gidos Hamza who are eyeing the Nairobi County land which the traders are occupying.

Pagal Bashir and Gidos Hamza are believed to represent a group of Somali based individuals who are benefitting from piracy and are looking for where to invest money generated from illegal activities which also includes charcoal sales and terrorism.

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