To Protect Devolution, Raila MUST Get Back to Parliament

Things happened the way they happened (Uhuru won in a questionable electoral process). I believe that our Supreme Court did not rule fairly since their ruling is based on lack of evidence which they massively threw out on very flimsy grounds. But that is a story for another day.

Yes Kenya must move on but with an honest analysis of the situation. CORD has proposed that Kalonzo return to parliament and lead the coalition from the parliament. Raila has said that he will remain outside parliament and be the leader of the coalition outside parliament. I don’t like this arrangement.

First, Uhuru and Ruto do not believe in the constitution. These two people are just promising to ensure the implementation of the same when they have not fully assumed power. They have not put their feet down in the government and appointed the people they trust in key positions. It is still Kimemia and his bunch who are running the show. So they will have everything their way until when Uhuru and Ruto will have their men in place.

Uhuru and Ruto will use the numbers they have in both the senate and the national assembly to stop devolution. Uhuru will NEVER support devolution. From where I stand, I see Uhuru and Ruto returning Kenya to one party state. This is going to happen.

It is sad that CORD has chosen Kalonzo as the man who should push their agenda in parliament. Kalonzo has never been known to stand firm on issues. He is a weakling who will be easily seduced with power, opulence and cheap offerings like a post in the government.

It is sad that Raila is out of parliament but I believe that he should get back to parliament. It might not be possible for Raila to get back to parliament through an election in Kibra Constituency since IEBC will do everything possible to rig him out but I believe that Raila should go back to one of the rural constituencies and vie as an MP. This is possible in Siaya county or Kisumu county.

But through any way possible, Raila must get back to parliament. Kenya is a tribal state. His constituency of voters are now without a leader. This constituency will neverlook up to someone as fluid and visionless as Kalonzo Musyoka. Raila can only groom someone if he is in a polital seat not when he is out. That way, threats to him will be minimal. Currently, his security has been withdrawn and he is being faced with lots of pressure from Uhuru and Ruto. Any small move from him will see him put under house arrest. This cannot be possible when he is MP.

Raila MUST get back as MP. It must happen now.

Written by Robert

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