The XYZ Show Producers Unveil a new Web and Mobile Video Platform

Buni Media, the creatives behind XYZ show, has today announced the launch today of a new VOD and mobile TV service called Buni TV. The service which will be available through and on mobile through will see users access shows and movies through their internet enabled computers and mobile devices.

With the launch, Buni Meedia announced that the entire 5 seasons of the Kenyan political satire The XYZ Show is now available through the portal together with the Kenyan animation films like Kwame Nyong’o’s The Legend of Ngong Hills, documentaries by Egyptian filmmaker Abu Bakr Shawky and Nigerian children TV program Bino and Fino.

Other content available on the patform include music videos from across the continent, as well as content provided by its partnership with Scotland’s Africa in Motion film festival. Buni TV will also act as a curator, showcasing film trailers and other videos already existing online but notoriously hard to find.

Commenting on this development, Marie Lora-Mungai, CEO of Buni Media said:

“There is actually quite a lot of remarkable, high-quality African content out there, but it’s often scattered over niche sites and very difficult for African audiences to find. Buni TV editors will do the leg work for our audience and select only what is worth their time. Buni TV wants to become the number one destination to watch modern, creative African content online and on mobile.” 

Unlike other African video platforms which mostly target the diaspora market, Buni TV wants to bring its content in priority to the continent’s under-served audience.

Anticipating Africa’s upcoming mobile video boom, Buni TV developed a light, user-friendly mobile site that works on most smartphones and can be accessed at

Buni TV’s platform was developed by Asilia and designed by Barbara Muriungi. Streaming videos on Buni TV will initially be free with advertising. Buni TV will share the revenue made from advertising around their work with the filmmakers on a 50-50 basis.

In the future, the platform will develop a subscription option to allow access to premium content.

Marie Lora-Mungai said:

“Buni TV has been developed by filmmakers for filmmakers and film lovers. We know what it means to be independent creators. In Africa like everywhere else, distribution is a major challenge: how to find the right audience for your work, how to get your work in front of that audience, and how to generate revenue from that audience. We’ve built Buni TV to provide a solution to that problem.”


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