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Tension High in Slums After Mungiki Killed 5 in Mathare and Baba Dogo


At least 5 people, mostly from the Luo and Luhya communities have been found murdered around Mathare and Baba Dogo areas in what is believed to be attacks orchestrated by the re-emerging Mungiki gangs.

According to eye witnesses who shared photos on social media and narrated their ordeals, armed gangs were searching for Luos and Luhyas in buses and streets around the affected area.

While the Nairobi police boss Japhet Koome call them unknown assailants, people say that those who killed are known by the police who are seemingly protecting the marauding killers.

4 people were shot while one was hacked with pangas in the night of terror around Riverside areas of Mathare which also borders Baba Dogo estate.

The killings might be following a script as the President, his deputy and Nairobi Governor subtly attacked the Luo community at the burial of the late Nyeri Governor, Wahome Gakuru, yesterday while Majority Leader Aden Duale came out and castigated the Luo community, even calling the massive welcome of Raila on Friday as a “Luo affair.”

The subtle ethnic innuendos and incitements are believed to have inspired the actual attacks of people from the communities which are believed to support Raila Odinga.

Outerring Road remains deserted as retaliatory attacks are organised by the affected communities to revenge the killings last night.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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