Tanzanian Government websites suffer from massive hacking attacks

The Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) website has become the latest casualty in a growing trend in which hackers calling themselves the UAH-Crew attack sites. The website was shut down for repairs yesterday by the Tanzania Telecommunication Company which hosts it.

Tanzanian Revenue Authority and Bank of Tanzania have had their websites hacked before by the same brand of hackers.

The problem with the websites attacked is that they by CMS which are very common and are rarely updated and the hackers know the codes very well so its not so much of a complicated hacking but simply using the holes which they have mastered. UAH seems to have a trail on the net on hacking similar websites in Europe and Asia.

Most of the websites attacked I don’t think will loose much data since most of the websites we have in East Africa including those of our Central Banks don’t have their data synced with the raw data in servers. Its simply websites standing alone.

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