Tanzanian Government Auctions 1,300 Cattle And Burns 6,400 Chicks From Kenya


tanzaniaTanzanian authorities are under pressure after reports emerged that they sold cattle belonging to Kenyan Maasai.

According to the reports, over 1,300 cattle had been auctioned for around Sh90 million over fear that they livestock would spread diseases.

Tanzanian authorities insist that they are working to prevent outbreaks from animals.

However, local veterinarians have questioned the move citing the wildebeest migration that takes place every year.

“When it comes to cattle, they rush to claim there will be diseases, yet we have millions of other animals that feed on plants like the wildebeests that cross from Kenya to Tanzania and they have no problem with that,” honorary secretary of the Kenya Veterinary Association Kenneth Wameyo said.

Earlier this month Masaai herdsmen traveled to Tanzania to recover the livestock. Officials in Tanzania say the herders were only able to recover 1,400 out of the total 2,000 cattle that had crossed the border into Tanzania.

Tanzania’s Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Luhaga Mpina has asked authorities to carry on with their operations and insists that the move has nothing to do with the countries economical ties with Kenya.

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In related news, Tanzanian Authorities  are also planning to burn 6,400 chicks that were reportedly smuggled into Tanzania from Kenya.

According to reports, Mary Matia is being held detained by police for smuggling chicks into Tanzania.

“They are mostly smuggled at night hours, endangering the health of Tanzanians since we know avian influenza has broken out into neighboring Uganda,” Senior veterinarian Medard Tarimo said.

However, Matia has asked that they not destroy the chicks but rather allow her to return them claiming she was not aware of the government ban on chick importation.

“I am asking them not to destroy them. Instead they have to allow me to return them to Kenya where I am required to pay the breeder Sh12.5 million,” she said.

Tanzanian authorities have maintained that they will continue to implement measures that will keep them from having to treat diseases caused by livestock.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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