Students Of University Of Embu Oppose New Dress Code Policy, Term The Rules As Crazy

Dress code
dress code
Students Dress in Official Clothing /courtesy

Students from the university of Embu are protesting the introduction of a dress code by the university vice chancellor.

The students have said that introduction of a dress code will a deviation of the university core mandate which is education.

The students say that the university’s idea of a dress code could be likened to a school uniform which they feel is an unconstitutional move.

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The dress code according to the institution will try to advance values of decency and dignity among the students.

The students say that the rules are meant to agitate them so that the institution can expel the hardliners.

The dress code stipulates that female students should wear skirts/dresses with hem lines at the knee or below, Wear blouses/tops with non-revealing necklines that do not reveal bare midriffs, Mini-skirts that are above the knee, necklines that are four inches below the shoulders to the front and to the back, see- me -throughs, bare-backs among many others should be avoided among other specifications.

The male students on the other hand are prohibited from displaying of bare chest, beards and mustaches should be short and neatly trimmed and tidy, wearing of items arising from cultural or religious norms will be respected as long as provisions of the dress code are not compromised

Smoking and being drunk within the institution has also been prohibited.

If this policy is introduced then the university of Embu join institution will join Strathmore university and Catholic university of East Africa (CUEA)  who have successfully implemented the dress code policy

The students of university of Embu however term this policy as draconian and deviates their attention fro learning.

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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