Strathmore and Kabarak Universities Offer Fake PhD Courses


How would you feel when you discover that one of the institutions which claims to be so respected locally is also offering programs it doesn’t qualify to offer? Well, we are today revealing the fraud which is happening at Strathmore University.

The college which has been rated high locally and internationally is raising eyebrows among local Professors who have pointed to the fact that Strathmore University is not accredited to offer any PhD program but continue to do so.

According to the official of the Commission for University Education (CUE), Strathmore does not have the accreditation to offer even a single PhD program but has continued to do so with the help of some corrupt administrators at CUE.

CUE has published a list of all Licenced courses

here is the list

In the list at number 41, Strathmore University (a Private university), is not allowed to offer ANY PhD COURSE. This strong message by CUE has not stopped senior staff at Strathmore University claiming to have graduated with PhDs. A good PhD program will not take less than 3 years. So Strathmore started illegal classes in PhD and graduated students.  

Some of the people who claim to have PhDs from Strathmore University are David Wangombe, Hellen Otieno and Bernard Shibwabo (claimed to have a PhD in IT).

Questions are being asked how a Dean pursued a PhD in his own department with no full-time Professors capable of supervising him. A university requires at least 5 PhD members with research experience to mount and develop the PhD program

Other Universities like Kabarak even have a PhD course and online fee structures, yet they not authorised by CUE. They even have a fee structure online. 

The problem of fraudulent courses cuts across even Undergraduate degrees and Masters. It’s common in both Public and Private universities. Some constituents colleges of public universities that are few years old are importing postgraduates students who are stuck in research elsewhere to pay exemption fees and fast track their degree graduation.

Full revelation will be made in a more detailed exposure later but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Written by Robert

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