Is Steve Mbogo a Scammer? Reader Reveals How He Defrauds People

Steve Mbogo

While many are questioning who Steve Mbogo is, Kenyan media has constantly called him “a businessman” without clearly stating the businesses he is running and whether they are legal or not.

Well, Steve Mbogo is a businessman and the business he runs is simply to scam individuals then threaten them if they dare pursue him.

According to our sources placed within the intricate network of Steve Mbogo’s operations, the flamboyant lad is part of a team of conmen led by Tanzanian Abubakar Marijan who is also famously referred to as Papa Msofe.  He was once accused of murder in Tanzania, but his case was controversially dismissed after what is believed to be a bribery of the Tanzanian judges.

Papa Msofe

According to our sources, the team of scammers led by Msofe would promise people desperate to get their hands on gold from Democratic Republic of CongoSteve. Msofe would claim that he is able to help you import the gold. You’d make the payments after which they will send you fake documentations on how the transaction is proceeding.

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Your shipment will be impounded at one of the border crossing points. That is where Steve Mbogo and his friends would come in pretending to be having the connections in the police and State House to ensure that your gold is released. To help release the gold, Steve Mbogo would charge you ten to twenty per cent of the value of the shipment. In total, the team would have gotten 120% value of the non existent gold.

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His life has remained a mystery.

The web of scammers is so intricate that they have contacts in the media (a contact at Radio Africa’s Mpasho is always praising him) to have a clean name, security agencies and judiciary so as to stay free always. The fact that some of the people they have scammed are coming after them is why they are now seeking political office for protection from the people they have hurt.

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