PWC Manager Stephen Mumbo’s Last Moments Before Jumping To His Death

stephen mumbo

PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC) assistant manager executory and forensics investigations Stephen Mumbo jumped to his death on October 12 from the 17th floor of Delta Corner Tower, a suicide mission that shocked many.

According to the Nairobian, Mumbo, husband and father of one was a perfectionist who until his last breath gave the job his all.

At PWC it is not an unusual thing to work 18 hours a day especially if one is handling a project.

On the material day, the Nairobian reports, the deceased left his Pangani Palace apartment at around 5.40 am, getting to the office at 6.15 am only to find four other colleagues already hard at work.

The previous night, the trained civil engineer had left his 12th floor office at 1.30 am. He was apparently handling a cement manufacturer who had been ”suspended from the Nairobi Securities Exchange” and placed in his care.

In the morning at around 7.40 am he is said to have asked for a meeting room as his clients were showing up at 9.00 am. His divisions head’s personal assistant assigned him the Kilimanjaro 2 meeting room five floors from his office.

He left behind his jacket and took with him his laptop never to return.

It is not known whether someone joined him in the room before he jumped to his death.

Mumbo had before the fateful day worked for PWC for at least 13 years during which he experienced work related burnouts thrice in a span of two years, the Nairobian indicates.

stephen mumbo

On October 25, 2016 he suffered a breakdown prompting him to stay away for a month. In mid 2017, the former St Paul’s Amukura High School student fell asleep right in the middle of a presentation with a client.

“He was totally burned out, but he was instructed to sleep for 45 minutes in another boardroom and then resume his presentation,” a colleague said.

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Another colleague described the deceased as not being assertive. “He could not speak for himself. If there was a mistake, he would take the blame and not defend himself.”

Kahawa Tungu also understands that Mumbo, last born of two girls and three boys, lost his father, Arthur Waore in 1992 but it is the death of his mother, five years ago that really took a toll on him.

He took a one year unpaid sabbatical to mourn his mother whose picture he placed on his bedside.

Accidents or deaths at PWC are covered with the loved ones of the ‘ordinary employee’ receiving between Sh20 million and Sh25 million. Families of the high ranking staffers on the other hand are entitled to at least Sh50 million.

Suicide, is however not covered.

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