State House Officials Complain as Paul Kobia Drives Around in a Convoy of Chase Cars

Security officials tasked with protecting President Uhuru Kenyatta have complained that the fact that businessman Paul Kobia and his associates drives around in a convoy of cars fitted with sirens is just dangerous for state security. According to people close to State House, Paul Kobia has a convoy of cars composed of expensive vehicles which he has fitted with sirens.

The head of Presidential Escort has officially complained to the Inspector General of Police about this and the IGP is expected to take action. Meanwhile, key officials close to President Uhuru believe that Paul Kobia is misusing the name of President Uhuru when he terrorise others and tell them that they can do nothing because President Uhuru supports him.

Some leaders previously thought that it was Sonko driving around in such a convoy but the Nairobi Senator came out and clarified that he can’t misuse his power and so action should be taken against those who are misusing the sirens and chase cars.

Already Paul Kobia is recruiting a group of Nairobi University students led by Babu Owino to defend President Uhuru against any criticism. The group’s immediate target would be civil society members who they think criticise Uhuru so much. The action of Paul Kobia and Babu Owino is not winning them friends with key people like Jaguar and Sonko saying that nobody should associate them with the actions of Paul Kobia.

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