Singer Fidel Of ‘Le Band’ Harassed By Police Manning State House For Belonging To A ‘ Wrong Tribe’

/courtesy Singer Fidel Of “Le Band’

Fidel Eli Shammah Omusula a singer of an upcoming boy band Le Band is a the most recent victim of police harassment.

The singer claims that the police harassed him claiming that his named belonged to a tribe that was not part of the government.

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According to Omusula, he parked his car at the bus stop near State House to pick a call when one of the police officer from the gate approached his car telling him that he had parked a wrong place.

The police officer asked for his drivers license which he gladly handed over. He says that the police officer read out his last name and called him out saying that his name was politically incorrect and a menace to the current government.

“He then read out my name Omusula and said wewe hujui shida uko. He left with my license to the state house gate to talk to fellow police officers. I was calm in the car as in my head I was just like ‘ah ni sawa tuu’. These things happen. So he called me and I left the car and went to the state house gate. They called me Omusula and I responded and they said unajua hii jina yako si ya serikali. ‘Nyinyi mmepiga serikali vita sasa tunaeza kuekelea makosa na kwa Kenya tunaishi saa hii watu wana hii jina yako tukikuekelea hakuna chenye utafanya sasa utoe kitu ama tukueke makosa juu wewe si Mkenya kulingana na penye umetoka na serikali yetu.’ I was shocked! like for real my people. I was super shocked at the utterances from these two cops,”Fidel narrated his ordeal

The police officer asked Fidel for a bribe ‘Kitu Kidogo’ threatening to level false accusations against him if he refused to cooperate adding that there was nothing Omusula would do about it.

The singer was asked to produce his Identification card which he did not have. He had a school ID which showed that he was a law student.

The fact that he was a law student agitated the police further who said that he was rude because he thought he knew his rights.

“They asked for my ID but I didn’t have it. They then saw my school ID and saw law school and then started to say kumbe unajua haki yako ndio unasumbua sana. Enda lakini ujue hii nchi haina nafasi ya watu wenu. I told them if that is how they did things I feared for Kenya. One told me to leave before he changed his mind so I just left but fam that experience clearly outlined to me where this country is art. We need love, we need a lot of work and we need God,” the singer said

The singer insists that the police  kept on insisting that his name betrayed him and that there is nothing that he would do if wrongfully arrested.

It is quite sad that the singer went through this in the hands of police manning the State House despite various calls by president Uhuru Kenyatta saying that he will en-devour to unite the country, the acts of discrimination based on tribe happens right outside his doorstep.

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Written by Merxcine Cush


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