Singer Akothee Advices Young Women On Relationship Matters

Esther Akoth popularly known by her stage name Akothee has taken time to advice women who think that having a baby with a white man automatically mean that one becomes rich.She shared a post on Instagram where she said that one of her baby daddy who is a white man does not provide child support for his son.

She therefore advised women to work hard for their money as there is no guarantee that any man would provide money for child support.She also took the time to warn people against calling women who have children with white men as prostitutes as that is not always the case.

Akothee’s post is very educative especially to our young girls who have always thought that having a white man as a partner automatically mean that she would be rich.She has actually made it clear that most men are the same no matter the color so its somehow up to women to work hard in order to make a better life for themselves and their children.

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I hear them say if you date a white guy or have children with them , you are automatically rich , well , one of my baby daddies is pure white and doesn’t understand the world of child support, he sees his son at his own convenient time , he actually pockets the monthly payments from the government ment to be for the child, we don’t scream over our challenges we smile through and turn stress into ideas , one day I asked him where his son sleeps , he said “where the mama sleeps & eat what mama eats ) so, copy paste my life and find many wrongs at your own risk , Nenda pia wewe ukazae na mzungu mwenye hata haujui kwao uone vituko, mtoto ataparara heri papa , ukirudi kwa Waafrika na mtoto wa kizungu tayari wewe wabandikwa Jina La “Malaya ” jina umebandikwa hela pia huna !, halafu utakuwaje na mtoto wa kizungu ukose hela? La hasha , wewe ni Tajiri kwa hiyo rangi tu , kwa ufupi na sema ,bahati ya mwenzio usilalie mlango wazi, #mylifeyourentertainment So far , wuon Oyoo ndio mwanaume kamili nimewahi kutananaye, Wanaume wote Sawa awe mzungu ama jaafrika uchungu na mizigo wa mwana hubaki ya mwanamke, labda tujaribu China , the only difference in men is upbringing and background, Akili ni nywele kila mtu ana zake, sit and wait for child support , until the landlord locks you out , then you will realise that being a baby mama isn’t a professional profession, even the court of law don’t recognize it , look for a job and let opportunities meet you along the way, baby daddies wasijekutoa kamasi bure

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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