Scare as Engine Fails on Silverstone Air Plane from Diani

There was a scare at Wilson Airport on Sunday after one of the engines of the Silverstone Air flight from Diani failed after take off.

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The plane landed safely at Wilson Airport but emergency services were alerted and the passengers took to social media to voice their concerns and opinions.

As we revealed previously, the Skyward, Silverstone and Jetways are a serious risk on the Kenyan airspace as the maintenance records of the planes are shoddy and regularly forged while the planes are also used for cargo and passengers.

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Skyward and Silverstone still mix cargo with passengers while flying to Coast and Northern Kenya. The planes also don’t have key components meaning that insurance cover risk being voided in case of an accident. Most of the planes end up overloaded, something which previously led to the crash of a light plane owned by Skyward some years back.

The operators are fond of bribing KCAA personnel to overlook maintenance records while they also steal parts from planes parked at the airport.

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