Shosh Cecilia Shuts Down Amina Abdi of The Trend for Giving Her Short Time on NTV

Amina Abdi
Amina Abdi

 The Trend Live host, Amina Abdi, got scolded by Shosh Cecilia on live TV for inviting her for an interview only for her to wrap up telling her that time had run out.

The Granny was not having any any of it, calling Amina out for inviting her and not give her air-time.

“Aah hio muda isiishe kama ulikuwa unaniniita, uniite usikize, lakini usiniambie muda ikwishe. Ulikuwa unaniita kufanya nini, ujue nitakuuliza, ulikuwa unaniita studio nifanye nini? Nikwambie usikize na Kenya mzima isikize si wewe pekee yako.” Shosh Cecilia declared.

Amina was left baffled, trying to brush off the awkward moment by laughing it out and meekly listening to Shosh Cecilia.

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“Na usikie kutoka dakika hii, na ukisikia tutaelewana ukikosa kusikia hatutaelewana. Juu kitu iko kwa roho yangu kama haitoki mimi hakuna kitu inanisaidia,” she added.

Shosh Cecilia is the owner of Shosh Sound Systems in Kariobangi. She is 80 years old and can still operate machines and repair vehicles sound systems.

She caught the internet’s attention after pictures of her going about her business surfaced online.

Amina was forced to comply and take the Shosh’s request.

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