SHOCKING: TNA Was IEBC According to this Electronic Footprint



The data me and few other persons have access to show a shocking manner IEBC and Jubilee used the electronic data to rig the elections. Using data provided by a source at Kencall, TNA was IEBC . TNA used 21 data entry clerks at to enter data both in its server and the server of IEBC through a backdoor entry provided by Kencall.

List of Data Entry Clerks (Names blacked Out to protect them from harm)


The server (KENCALL IP: running Windows Server 2008 gave access to the 21 data entry clerks employed by TNA. The same data entry clerks, receiving calls from TNA agents, entered data into IEBC database. The IEBC database had 16 columns including a column called User_ID which had who among the 21 data clerks entered the data. The TNA database called (MARKET RACE) was also hosted on this same server but it lacked the User_ID column.

Rights of the the 21 clerks on the IEBC database


Rights of the the 21 clerks on the TNA database


Data entered by the 21 clerks on the TNA database


Same data mirrored on the IEBC database


MAC addresses and LOGs of the phones used to call the 21 data clerks based at Kencall


When CORD discovered this and went to the media (Raila’s press conference around 11am on March 16th), Kencall proceeded and shutdown the IEBC database leaving the Market Race database (TNA database) running because the name could not raise suspicion by anyone.

IEBC database shutdown log


Kencall Hosted IEBC and TNA Data on the same Server

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