Senior UNEP Employees Celebrate Tom Cholmondeley for Killing Kenyans


Staff at UNEP Nairobi were left dumbstruck last week when 3 key senior staff at the headquarters celebrated the racist son of Lord Delemare, Tom Cholmondeley that they said that he should have killed many more Kenyans.

According to well placed sources inside block NOF -1 at UNON, Lisa Rolls (Advocacy Specialist) and a consultant with UNEP called Isabelle Pierrard basically went mad on hearing of the death of Tom Cholmondeley that they organised a major private sendoff party together with UNEP Communications Deputy Director Daniel Cooney.

Lisa Rose then used the UNEP resources to print funeral programmes and other materials which were handed out to mourners at the funeral of Tom Cholmondeley. Some of the materials printed at UNEP can be found on Lisa’s Facebook page. At the burial, Lisa Rose is said to have led the UNEP to in eulogising Tom Cholmondeley as someone who “was key in reinforcing white power and protecting his property.”

While Tom had his weaknesses, the actions of Lisa Rose and Isabelle surprised even close friends of Tom with many viewing the duo as a bunch of white supremacists who were out enjoying the killing of Africans by Tom as a sport and not really celebrating their friendship.

The involvement of UNEP deputy director, Daniel Cooney, in the whole debacle is what surprised many staff with many quietly questioning his intentions and ideals. Daniel is a white Kenyan who had been living with Lisa Rose in the same house for ages. He had to travel to New Zealand and claim citizenship there for him to get the top UNEP position. The move cemented his “expatriate” credentials and ensured that the UN pays him many benefits which he doesn’t deserve.

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