See the Massive Machines NTSA Acquired to Nab Road Offenders in Kenya

NTSA NTSA officials receiving the bikes

NTSA is now becoming more equipped than the traffic police. In fact, sometimes we wonder whether NTSA now fully replaces the police as they are now better funded, equipped and remunerated that they now own some of the biggest machines on the roads of Kenya.

Adding to that, NTSA has received some motorcycles from BMW acquired at extremely exaggerated rates and already getting deployed on the roads of Kenya. While Kenya police uses 100cc Yamahas which are less powerful and always breaking down, NTSA has acquired 1000cc BMW street and adventure bikes to boost its fleet.

The bikes will be used to nab road offenders throughout the country. The bikes are already being dispatched to NTSA offices countrywide. President Uhuru should just disband the traffic police department and let NTSA do the work because this preferential treatment just demoralises the police further.

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