SEACOM Plan of Activities to Commemorate its Foundation Day

SEACOM will be celebrating 3 years since the commercial launch of their cable network across Africa, totally disrupting the regional broadband market and leading to the death of other operators. In Kenya, the founders day will be held in Mombasa with SEACOM teams getting out to the local community to participate in various community activities.

SEACOM Kenya office in partnership with the Swahili Cultural Centre in Mombasa will host an Online Education Content Awareness Day. SEACOM Kenya will be providing high speed internet connectivity to the Centre before inviting the neighbouring secondary and university students to attend workshops. The workshop will focus on how to utilise available online educational content resources in their academic work.

Down in South Africa, SEACOM will launch the SEACOM Solution Quest,a three month long social collaboration and mentorship programme , with Tembisa Secondary High School. This programme will see SEACOM employees work with selected teachers from the school to help them create solutions to their own problems focusing mainly on the economic challenges.

The team in Mozambique will in the meantime be spending the day at Centro Juvenil Ingrid Chawner. This will be after donating a computer lab and learning material to the school.

Closer home, the team in Tanzania will donate a computer lab to Buguruni School of the Deaf, Dar es Salaam. The SEACOM team will also be helping the school develop a basic computer science curriculum and participate in teaching activities at the same school.

In Mauritius, the team will host a fun day for Ti Rayons Soleil Children’s Centre to mark the SEACOM Foundation Day 2012. The staff will also participate in various activities with the children from Anoska village before donating food and other assorted goods to the children and teachers.

SEACOM Foundation Day activities are an intergral part of the the firm’s Corporate Social Investment strategy to address critical socio-economic challenges facing African communities.

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