SCOOP: No plans in government to swear in NASA’s Raila

It is less than three weeks to the August 8 elections and multiple sources in government have revealed to Kahawa Tungu that there are no plans to swear in a new president who is likely to be NASA’s Raila Odinga.

As at now, no transitional committee has been formed which ordinarily would have seen some handlers of the NASA presidential candidate incorporated to begin learning the ropes of state-craft both on inauguration day and after.

It is also evident that as at now, Jubilee is not sharing any intelligence with the NASA leader even as observers see this election as too close to call with the real possibility of a NASA win.

While President Uhuru has often repeated in public that he is ready to relinquish power in the event that he loses to Raila, this is not matched by actions of officials in his government, many who are in the overdrive to retain power.

In mature democracies, at this point of the election cycle, two leading presidential candidates often get nearly identical daily intelligence briefs, with each treated as a potential president.

Written by Kahawa Tungu


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