Samsung Announces 4 New Galaxy Range of Phones

Samsung Galaxy W

Samsung has today unveiled a range of new Android-powered Galaxy smartphones as it looks to up its competition on the Android device range. The company has also detailed a new naming convention for its device portfolio.

All of the devices launched run on the 2.3 Gingerbread version of the Android platform and follows a new naming convention which divides them into five different classes: Super Smart (S), Royal/Refined (R), Wonder (W), Magical (M) and Young (Y). Phone names ending with “Pro” would mean that the devices has a physical QWERTY keypad while “Plus” means an upgraded existing model and LTE stands for 4G capable phones.

The Samsung Galaxy W boasts of a 1.4Ghz processer with up to 14.4Mbps HSDPA connectivity and a 3.7 inch display. It also features the Kies Air app which allows users to control their phone from another device and track its location if they misplace it.

Samsung Galaxy M pro

The more business-focused Galaxy M Pro looks like a direct answer to BlackBerry Bold 9900 which has a 2.8-inch display with screen resolution on 640×480. The phone also  features a qwerty keyboard, is powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor and offers 768MB RAM and 8GB internal memory. It also has a touchscreen, 5MP camera and optical track pad. The phone uses a 1Ghz processor which supports its business applications including Exchange Active Sync, Sybase Afaria and Cisco Mobile and WebEx. The Galaxy M Pro also seems to be targeted to be a competitor to HTC Status.

Galaxy Galaxy Y

The Galaxy Y has a slightly less powerful 823Mhz processor. It features the Swype text input technology and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The Galaxy Y Pro is the Galaxy Y’s high end sibling coming with a QWERTY keyboard and  business features such as the ThinkFree mobile office software, to allow editing of Office documents on the go.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro

The Super Smart devices are Samsung’s coolest smartphones and are  above the R premium phones which “combine performance and productivity”. The W phones are more of “high quality, strategic models”, M the high performance but more keenly-priced devices while  Y are for younger users. More specific functionality is signified by additional monikers such as Pro, Plus and LTE.

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