Samantha Lewthwaite Vows to Avenge the Killing of Her Mentor, Makaburi

According to Daily News, British terrorist, Samantha Lewthwaite might be planning more attacks in Kenya targeting US and Western installations to avenge the death of Makaburi, her mentor.

Abubakara Shariff Ahmed, also known as Makaburi (meaning graveyard), is said to be the person who recruited Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, to al-Shabaab. Makaburi was shot dead by unidentified gunmen wearing white robes while he was leaving Shanzu Law Courts within the Shimo La Tewa Prison facilities.

Already al-Shabaab sympathisers have identified the 5 star Swahili Beach hotel in Diani as the CIA operation base in Mombasa and might be planning to attack it anytime soon. Security at the facility has been greatly enhanced after intelligence top off. It cannot be independently confirmed if CIA is really coordinating their Mombasa operation from the Diani resort.

Makaburi has been linked Samantha Lethwaite and Jermain Grant, also a British. He supported the attack of Westgate and even said that more sympathisers should attack non-believers whom he blamed for defiling Islam.

Security officers are closing in on key al-Shabaab sympathisers. More might be killed or arrested soon according to an intelligence source.

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